IPSO are pleased to announce that on April the 15th and 16th we will be at The Stadium of Light as we form a link with Sunderland Football club through their Foundation. The course will take place in the stadium and the live game for the attendants will be Sunderland v West Ham United in the Premier League.

This is another great step forward for IPSO as managing director Kamil Potrykus explains.’’ We are going great guns at the moment and this is just another example of how strong our course is.’’ Now with the breakthrough in China and the National Football Museum this just shows that we are now the Number 1 Analysis and Scouting course around the World. We have other courses lined up at other big clubs like Sunderland and also other countries knocking on our door to deliver the courses WORLD-WIDE. Already having 700 successful candidates on the course and 1000’s of members, the company is growing at an extremely fast rate.

’’It’s the quality of the course and the quality of the lecturers that stand out on the feed-back forms’’ said Potrykus. ’’When you have living legends like Martin Dobson & Kevin Gallacher delivering the courses it just adds to it and it gives you that unique touch that other courses do not have.’’ He continued. Add that to the experience of our other Premier league scouts and the course is immense.