Themis at Burnley College have collaborated with the International Professional Scouting Organisation (IPSO) who are a company that delivers professional scouting courses around the World.

Head of football at Burnley College Brad Pates welcomes the collaboration with IPSO education director Colin Chambers supported by Andy Parkin, Karen Pates and Adam Welch.

The Level 1 Foundation Skills in Professional Scouting, is run by international and Premier League, scouts and offers students the opportunity to improve their skills and knowledge in football scouting and player/team analysis.
The course is aimed at current scouts, managers, coaches and agents in football, as well as people aspiring to be scouts, agents or coaches.

Head of football Brad Pates is thrilled that the college has made links with IPSO.

“Burnley College are excited to be linking up with IPSO and help deliver this fantastic football scouting course,” he said.’’ Having been on the course, I know by first-hand knowledge what it’s all about and what you’re going to be taught. I can honestly say this is a great course and very enjoyable and has really transported my knowledge to a higher level in the football world. It gives you a different dimension of understanding that coaches need to help in their development within the game.’’

– Andy Parkin also believes the course will be a massive boost for sport at Burnley College.

“This course is a massive boost for us, at trying to promote sport at Burnley College and I am sure that this will be the start of a great partnership with IPSO leading into the future.”

The course will be run over 2 days with a live game thrown in. The course is accredited by the YMCA awards who have years of experience in developing industry-backed qualifications and are one of the world’s best known brands.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to attend a professional football match, to assess a professional player as part of the course.

IPSO have delivered their courses all across Europe to scouts at professional clubs, and just recently delivered the latest course at the home of the Champions of England Leicester City. Having started their business in Slovakia and Poland, they have now expanded into the UK, partnering up with the Kirklees college, Huddersfield and the Polish FA to provide the best football scouting course in the country.

Successful students of the IPSO courses have gone on to work as scouts at professional football clubs at both youth and first team level.

Students have also gone on to work as scouting consultants and sports agents, as well as working with football management companies and some have set up their own football scouting companies.

– Karen Pates, head of sport says it is an exciting opportunity for people aspiring to be scouts, as well as professional scouts. -“It is an exciting opportunity for people who are looking to become football scouts, but is also a great opportunity for professional and semi-professional scouts on this course.”

– Colin Chambers director of education at IPSO said’’ We would just like it be noted that this course is NOT a Talent Identification course. We do cover Talent ID in sections of the course but the main focus is how a professional scout works at the highest level. From research to reports, to understanding formations, tactics, reporting on players and match analysis. We’d like to think we are different to anything else that is out there, and we are very particular with our material and teaching methods. This course is going to help the scout or person wanting to be a scout or develop their coaching/football knowledge in many ways. It gives you a head start in analysis and observations of players, with great ‘’Attention to Detail’’ that only a scout at the highest level would look for when going about his job. People think a scout just looks at a player and says yes or no, but there is a lot more to it than you think, as many ex-players have discovered when coming on the course.’’