It was a nice feeling as I entered the stadium to see the fantastic facilities of Legia with the collaboration with Ipso. On the course, there were many famous football people like Kevin Gallacher (Newcastle & Scotland), Jeff Kenna(Southampton & Republic of Ireland), as well as famous Polish manager Andrzej Strejlau and Adam Matysek (Leverkusen & Poland, ex Head Coach of The Goalkeepers of FC Nürnberg).

At first Colin Chambers introduced himself as the main lecturer. After that the first task which was to analyse a player from a video with your own understanding and with no help and watch the player for about 20-25 minutes. This task should show for the attendants the differences between their first reports and the final report after the course. It then started off about statistics and it was interesting from the word go. Colin explained in a very clear way, which statistics are useful and which statistics need to be treated with caution. Even though I’m an ex-player with my background and knowledge, I still found a lot of the information new and interesting to take on board. I also liked the regular coffee breaks every 1 and ½ hours, as it could be used for networking. These breaks should give everyone the opportunity to exchange ideas and opinions about all open points or questions during the course.

In my case, I had many questions to ask Jeff Kenna, Kevin Gallacher and others who were participating. They were there on hand to answer any questions, on anything, at any time. Kenna and Gallacher were brilliant and mixed into the attendants as they treated the course as they were a student so this created a great atmosphere.

As the day went on it was just an abundance of knowledge being passed down by Colin and the interactive part was excellent as well. Colin didn’t just teach but he listened and the course became more and more interactive with great questions from everyone answered excellently by Colin or any of the star guests. Even attendants answered some questions and it was good to see everyone in the room was working as a team.

Dinner time came and again no one was seated in a special room, no one was separated and we all ate together which I thought was a great touch. After approximately 30-45 minutes we were back in the class-room and back on the course. Again more and more great information with stories, video clips and lots of explanations. Finally the first day finished officially approx. 5:30 pm.

But for anybody, who had not got enough, there was an unofficial meeting. Colin, Kamil, Kevin and Jeff invited us to eat and drink at a local restaurant (after the course) to relax the evening away. So even then you’re drinking with famous players and still asking questions about anything you desire. We had a few nice drinks socialized, had a bit of fun with stories and jokes. What a great day and night.

The second day started with the exam. In this assessment it was needed to make an accurate report of a player. If anyone used all the useful tips and hints from the first day, how to look at a player, than there should not be a problem to pass it. It also helped to remember the motto of the course and a good advice for all Scouts to use “The Attention to detail” especially in their reports.

The rest of the day was similar to day one but this time about team assessments/match reports. It finished off with a questions and answers panel with Kevin, Jeff, Colin, Kamil and Adam.

All in all a wonderful experience to be had by anyone like me who is the whole time looking for opportunities to gain knowledge in all scouting topics. This course had a good structure and was well organized from the start to finish. It really helped me to think out of the box. In my opinion, there should be more organized courses like this in the future.

I was very satisfied and I can highly recommend this course.

Voice of attendant by Michał Mikulski