Football always was my foremost passion. When I heard about IPSO I definitely decided I would like to visit the course and to be part of high level scouting organisation. For myself it was incredibly useful to adopt all the experiences from a Premier League scout. I have been on scouting internship in A.S. Livorno Calico. I had the opportunity to see academies at some of the other Italian clubs including Empoli F.C. Everything was top level. A well prepared program gave me the opportunity to see club’s scouting system from the inside and to learn how scouts evaluate players using analysis. During internship I noticed many things about scouting and I was involved in the training process and was part of a theoretical lesson. Personal meetings with scouts and academy coaches gave me extra knowledge about the main principles of developing professional players and in search for young talent. I was delighted to meet top professionals while working in Livorno. After the professional internship I gained invaluable experience and opportunities to advance my knowledge.