The second edition of IPSO’s professional scouting course is behind us. For two days “Attention to details” was all that could be heard in the conference rooms of Mera-Spa hotel.
Just like in March, the course interested a record number of people. Former player’s major league clubs were among the participants.

“Wojciech Grzyb, Grzegorz Wódkiewicz and Krzysztof Kołaczyk, now the president of Raków Częstochowa. But above all, there were plenty of football enthusiasts who in the future would like to become scouts. For the first time we had a female participant”.

“I wanted to learn about football from a different perspective, know more about professional scouting. I came out of these lectures with a much broader knowledge,” said Miss Lopez.

There were also other distinguished guests: a representative of Scotland, Kevin Gallacher, Burnley FC scout, Anthony Barmley and one of the sponsor of Blackburn Rovers ,Wayne Wild, arrived from the UK. The course was also visited by the coach of Lechia Gdańsk, Jerzy Brzęczek, along with his assistant Tomasz Mazurkiewicz as well as coach Bogusław Kaczmarek and former director of the Polish National Team Jan De Zeeuw, who conducted short lectures. The main lecturer was professional football scout, Colin Chambers who’s worked in the premier league.

During the first day, participants learned how to prepare a professional report of a player, this was then tested in practice by drawing up a report on Drutex Bytovia Bytów’s player, Michał Jakóbowski, on the basis of observation. Participants saw his club’s match with Arka in Gdynia. The second day of the course was devoted to preparing the report then analyses the whole team in a game situation.

“This type of course mixed with conference enables you to gain knowledge, but also allows you to see the views of people from other countries where the level of football is far greater – Brzęczek said.
“Our task is to get as much as we can form those conferences and try to apply it in Poland,” he added.
“I couldn’t imagine the scale and form of this project,” Kaczmarek said. “IPSO course is a source of knowledge regarding assessment of a match and of a single player, there is a lot of new things regarding scouting. Things we heard here certainly speaks to the imagination, and I being an experienced coach will surely benefit from this,” “Bobo” said.

“Scouting is talking about football, watching, discussing and networking. You need to be passionate about it,” Jan De Zeeuw said. He shared his knowledge on the Dutch model of scouting.
“This course helps each participant to the development of his or her football knowledge. After two days of lectures, they will look at matches in a slightly different way, in a broader perspective,” Kevin Gallacher added.

Course participants who pass the practical exam will receive special IPSO certificates and an individual membership number. With a full recommendation of our organization, they will have the ability to apply for a job as a scout in clubs, national teams and academies. We also provide support in organizing national internships and abroad in European clubs as well as assistance in practical classes and workshops with professional Premier League scouts during live matches played in the UK.
“The second edition of IPSO course confirmed our belief that Poland is an appropriate country for such courses. The interest was huge and soon we will organize more courses. We also want to expand onto other markets,” said Kamil Potrykus, the managing director of IPSO.