Hi IPSO team

It was truly a pleasure to meet you and get an even closer insight of English football. There is always moments during my years I value very high, this weekend became one of those. Learning to know the IPSO team and the professionalism behind the scouting tips and the passion that makes millions of people cheer for a team, it was AMAZING how close I felt to the top world class feeling in the sport. The passion and experience IPSO gave is worth millions!

I’m thankful for your work and passion for this game. The course and the majority of your comments and tips helped me more and confirm a lot in my head that is far more clearer now, I felt that’s how I believe and feel, obviously I’m not saying I have your knowledge but I do share the passion.

After so many years in Sweden a cold country believe me! This weekend at the course made me realize I have much more exploring to learn about myself and how to be as person and be more confident within myself, because I’m not from Sweden but at the same time I am.

Now I’m off to watch Daleho Irandust at BK Häcken a club in Gothemburg.

With an IPSO mentality and focus the attention to details that is your motto!

And I will for sure, apply for level 2 but I don’t know when it’s appropriate.

Again thank you.

Med vänliga hälsningar/kindest regards

Hernando Ruiz