The special venue chosen for our latest course was held at the Stadium of Light Sunderland. 20 Participants took part on the course with again having people flown in from around the world. We had attendants from Spain, Malta, Ghana, Greece, Ireland and Poland as our guests which was great for the net-working and every participant came out on Saturday night to continue the conversation and football talk that is now well known part (not compulsory) from the IPSO course John Gilroy from Cork in Ireland had this to say ‘‘Whatever you do in future courses don’t change the Saturday night get together, it’s brilliant to relax with your new friends and learn more about each other and how you can use your contacts to your advantage in the future, again brilliant and loved every minute of it, a very special course indeed.’’

In addition to the course the attendants were treated to a tour of the ground by the Foundation of Light team who are partnering IPSO through the Sunderland connection. In the tour we had the chance to look at fantastic memorabilia, historical pictures and items throughout Sunderland’s history in football. We had the chance to go pitch side as well as look in the changing rooms and fantastic facilities at the stadium of light.

Special guests on the course also enjoyed it as Andy Kidby who’s a 1st team opposition analysis at Stoke City had this to say ‘‘I wish when I was starting out IPSO had been available. The Courses are fantastic, the attention to detail, the way the course helps you question your own thoughts and expand your knowledge is unbelievable. Well done IPSO.’’

Also on the course was the Jose Mourinoh of Polish football who popped in while he was touring England he said ‘‘I saw the beginning of IPSO when they first came to Poland it was good then but now they have moved on and look like they are in a league of their own in the quality and delivery of their courses I was very impressed how they have progressed in the last few years.’’

Another course and another great weekend and to finalize the course a comment from one of the students from the weekend ‘‘I would like to thank the directors of IPSO for being professional, competent, kind and friendly during the Level 1 football scouts course. It was a great experience with a lot of interesting / valuable information and a perfect opportunity to meet people from the highest level of football who willingly shared their knowledge and experience. It was an experience I would recommend to anyone regardless of the level of football ability. Football is evolving and IPSO highlights the demands that football brings to us today. It helps us understand and take the right path to pursue as a scout and football analyst. Professionalism, attention to detail and kindness can be described in brief as IPSO-guided courses’’ Thank you Maciej Hubert Kepa