Andrei Stepanov was IPSO’S latest star guest on the October course in Krakow.

Andrei is an ex International footballer with great experience, amassing 89 international caps for Estonia. He has played against the likes of Ronaldo, Figo, Lewandowski and Michael Owen. At club level he has played at Torpedo Moscow and other clubs around Europe including a brief spell at Premier League Watford. Andrei is now looking for a new career and chapter in his life as he makes his way through the game as an agent at this moment in time.

Surprise meeting.

Andrei encountered lead lecturer Colin Chambers the day before the course as he booked on the course at the last minute. They had a meeting and talked about every aspect of scouting, analysis and the role of an agent but Andrei was NOT convinced he could gain any more knowledge than he already had within his journey in football, but he was still intrigued to see what IPSO was all about and decided to do the Level 1 course to see if there was anything that he could add to his already impressive CV.

The end result was great – Andrei openly admitted he was blown away with the knowledge he had gained from the 2 day course and now is a true IPSO supporter as he talks openly about his experiences on the course. ‘‘I honestly didn’t understand what I could have learned or gained when speaking to Colin over a meal and a glass of wine and found it difficult to see where he was coming from when he was explaining what the course was all about before I did it’’ he said.

‘‘But after taking the course the knowledge was immense and I didn’t realise or understand how much work and effort goes into being a professional scout at the highest level’’ he continued much to the delight of IPSO.

I would recommend this to everyone that I know in football ‘‘and I am going too’’ he added.

‘‘This would be great for managers, coaches, players, scouts or anyone in any capacity at a professional football club. I mean the owners of a club or the directors everyone would massively benefit from this. I can’t wait for the Level 2 and I will be there make no mistake about that.’’

Well done IPSO keep up the good work.

Andrei Stepanov