On November 16, 2017, after an invitation from the Soccer Research Committee of Beijing Sports University, we held an open class seminar on the introduction of IPSO to China regarding scouting and analysis. Guests present at the ceremony included Fan Yunjie, a member of the Yellow Team Coach Team of the Chinese Women’s National Team, and Professor Zhang Tingan, a doctoral tutor at Beijing Sport University. Approximately 100 participants attending the lecture, with students from BeiXu University and many coaches from various youth sports clubs and football enthusiasts.

To put this into perspective Beijing Sports University is similar to Oxford & Cambridge in England however it’s a Sport’s University. It could also be compared to Loughborough in England, it is one if not the most famous University in China which has 20,000 students.

At the end of the course, Professor Zhang Tingan from the North University talked about what he’s witnessed about IPSO scouting and training methods. IPSO successful professional scouting system and knowledge should be followed and brought into Chinese football to improve the infrastructure in China -said Professor. Students at this University are very well taught and have the best teachers and lecturers we can provide in China, but this today is extra added information that will only improve your knowledge and help further educate you in your journey in sport education’ he was impressed and gave his acceptance of approval for IPSO.