International Professional Scouting Organisation (IPSO)

Internal Assessment & Appeals Policy

Here at IPSO we promote openness, honesty and integrity, these are the values at the core of our business and in-line with this we have developed a Code of Practice for conducting internal assessment of any training delivered by IPSO. IPSO is committed to ensuring that:
• Internal assessments are conducted by staff who have the appropriate knowledge, understanding and skills;
• Assessment evidence provided by candidates has been produced and authenticated according to the requirements of the course specification;
• The consistency of the internal assessment is secured through internal standardisation as necessary;
• Staff responsible for internal standardisation attend compulsory training sessions on an
annual basis or as and when up-dates are required
• Malpractice/maladministration is investigated by IPSO and reported to any required

Written appeals procedure

In the event of a dispute regarding the awarding of an IPSO certificated course an appeal can be
made writing to IPSO concerning the internal assessment:
• The appeal applies only to the procedures used in arriving at internal assessment decisions and does not apply to the judgement itself; you cannot appeal against the mark or grade only the procedures used;
• The candidate must make the appeal in writing to the Head of Education and Development within four weeks results being issued;
• The enquiry into the internal process will normally be led by the Head of Education and Development and the another appropriate person, provided that neither has played any part in the original internal assessment process;
• The training deliverer marking the assessment will be able to respond to the appeal in
writing and a copy will be sent to the candidate appealing;
The appellant will be informed in writing of the outcome of the appeal, including;
• Relevant communications with the Head of Educationand Quality IPSO;
• Any steps taken to further protect the interest of the candidates.

If the appellant is unhappy about the response in writing, he/she can ask for a personal hearing, where the panel will consist of two persons not previously involved. This panel will be made up of, the Managing Director of IPSO and another appropriate person.