Our latest course was in Portugal held at the Exe Penafiel Park Hotel & Spa, a magnificent hotel in the small town of Penafiel just outside Porto. Again with the usual structure of the course and the live game we took in the league 2 game of FC Penafiel v FC Covilha.

We had special guests on board one being former professional footballer Granddi Ngoyi who has had a good career in the game playing for big clubs like Paris St Germain and Nantes in France, Leeds United in England as well as Palermo in Italy until his career was shortened by injury.’’It’s a great course and it opened my eyes to things I never thought of looking for. It was that good I want to do Level 2 as soon as possible and also look to bringing the course to France in the future.” said Ngoyi

We also had another former footballer in Portuguese player Jose Miranda, who was a former winger at Rotherham United in England also playing for various clubs in Portugal. ’’Wow, I thought I could scout until I came on this course it was brilliant and amazing the knowledge and information that is provided is quality of the highest level. I am going to tell all my friends and colleagues who think they are scouting that they are not really scouting they’re just spotting talent. This was all about scouting at the highest level and it’s a course everyone should go on, it was quality from the moment you arrived. From the hotel, to the reception, to the classroom. IPSO also gave us the game which is an added bonus, well done IPSO it’s a very good course’’ said Jose

We had a good group of 20 people on the course from footballer’s to agents to scouts and the normal attendants who are just starting off in the football, with no real experience but wanted to learn about the world of scouting and analysis.

One of the attendants was Benfica scout of 10 years Jamie Castro.

To have a Benfica scout come on our course to learn shows the great strides IPSO are making around the world as our reputation grows. Jamie was great in the class room and added his experiences as often as he could to support lead lecturer Colin Chambers throughout the course especially when he was explaining the roles and procedures of a scout. Jamie had this to say’’ The course was great and super professional it’s a must for all scouts or coaches in Portugal. Even though I regard myself as an experienced scout I learnt new ideas and procedure were I could improve myself as a scout, it’s a must for anyone involved in football or wanting to get into football, fantastic course. I will be doing Level 2 that’s for sure.’’

As the 1st day proceeded and the attendants got to know each other, you could see a great comradery coming together with students as they swapped contact details when they socialised and networked (a big part of the IPSO course). One attendant said it’s great to be able to come on a course like this and even though I’m not involved in football I can rub shoulders and connect with people who are. It helps us as we look to get on the ladder in the football industry.

The Portuguese attendants took full advantage of the networking when having dinner together. Socialising and creating an IPSO family atmosphere around the table.

Day 2 Now that everyone was more familiar with each other, the atmosphere stepped up and there was a buzz around the room as the students asked more questions and got more involved verbally with the very funny Jose Miranda who came in with some humorous quips keeping the students entertained at the same time as learning, creating a very relaxed and stress-free classroom.

Abdul Ahad Samad was a professional agent on the course who owns a football agency having 3 scouts under his umbrella. Abdul had this to say’’ I came on the course to pick a few points up and see if I could add anything to my knowledge of football. But now I’m confused as weather to go into scouting or carry on being an agent as the course has changed me and my perspective of football of how I think about the game when analysing players or teams. It was a mind blowing experience that has took me to a new level when I now watch players or teams. I watched the guys on the course analysing the player at the live match and with the skills IPSO taught them and they were so accurate and detailed in what they saw and what they were saying. I thought I now need to send my scouts on this course to keep them updated and to help them move forward in observation skills as I could see the impact the course had on the students. I can’t recommend this course enough.’’

IPSO as arrived in Portugal and we are planning another course in the coming months. Please look out for the dates and venue as we move forward with IPSO around Portugal.