As per normal we had a special guest on the course in Macedonia International footballer Ilija “Ilčo” Naumoski who has played over 45 games for their national team. He’s also played against and beaten Scotland in a world cup qualifier. Llco has spent the majority of his career in Austria, having played with Grazer AK from 2002-2004 and for Mattersburg from 2005 until 2013. He has played in Euro qualifying games in 2008 & 2012 whilst also playing in the world cup in 2010. He was full of praise for the course adding -‘’I couldn’t see the detail that the tutor was looking for in a small observation of a player even though I’ve played at the highest level and I’m very experienced. It was only after the small video of the player that we had analysed was explained to me, that I could then see it. Proving even ex-international footballer’s need training in these situations when analysing players to the attention to detail that is needed from a scout.’’ Excellent course that I would highly recommend.