With this assumption, the organizers came out with a course ran by professional scouts from the Premier League, which will be held on 28-29 March in Sopot. Czesław Michniewicz and Michał Probierz were highly involved in the project among others.

“It turns out that in Poland there are not too many football scouts and no professional training. This is a niche that we wanted to fill. More and more people in Poland are interested in football. But not everyone will be players, coaches. Anyone can try to be a football scout. That’s why we decided to organize a two-day training conference in Sopot, which may appeal to almost everyone,” Czesław Michniewicz said.

The course participants will have the opportunity to learn from the best. Lectures will be run by some of the most experienced scouts from England. The event will be attended by Colin Hendry, British football legend, appearing in the colours of clubs such as Blackburn Rover, Glasgow Rangers and Manchester City, who was named the player of the year in the season 1989/1990, he’s played in the Champions League and Captained Scotland.

Another interesting part of the course will be the first league match between Arka Gdynia and Miedź Legnica. “Each of the scouts will have to draw up a professional report of a player. Later, it will be assessed by the IPSO teachers.” the former coach of Lech Poznań and Zagłębie Lubin added.

Source www.laczynaspilka.pl