IPSO became a partner in the most prestigious post-graduate studies in sports management – FIFA / CIES Sport Management Programme, which were launched in cooperation with the company operating PGE Narodowy Stadium, PL.2012 +, Kozminski University and the International Centre for Sports Studies (CIES). The innovative program has already been implemented in 16 countries worldwide.

‘As a part of our cooperation, we will give classes for students conducted by our faculty: Colin Chambers and former players working with IPSO and former stars of the English Premier League, who will talk about the mechanisms of talent recruitment in sport. Classes will be held at the PGE Narodowy Stadium  February 2016,’ Kamil Potrykus, managing director of IPSO informed.

FIFA / CIES Sport Management Programme is a unique program designed for the development of sport management disciplines using the latest knowledge and best practices. During those studies, participants will gain knowledge regarding modern management, planning and organizing sports projects, learn how to use marketing tools and how to use management skills, taking into account the current realities in the sports industry in Poland.

This elite programme started in our country last year. Classes are taught by academics from Kozminski University and practitioners in the field of management in sport.

‘The strength of the project is, among other excellent partners,’ Witold T. Bielecki, Ph.D., the Rector of Kozminski University said. ‘We are glad that we came across a possibility to combine different experiences in a common objective that is to educate people in professional sport management,’ he added.

Over 180 teaching hours divided into six thematic modules: management, marketing, law, finance, communication and event management. Students also take part in practical activities taking place at the PGE Narodowy Stadium, participating closely in the development of major sport events and entertainment in our country.

It is worth noting that CIES, namely the International Centre for Sports Studies in Neuchatel, Switzerland, very carefully selects partners to co-organize the FIFA CIES Sport Management Programme in the world, which guarantees the highest standard.

“Obtaining the title of FIFA’s local partner in CIES Sport Management Programme is a great honour and a huge step in the development of our brand,” said Kamil Potrykus.