IPSO trained coaches of Pogoń
Coaches of Pogoń Szczecin and the Youth Academy of the club took part in a scouting course by IPSO. Lectures were conducted by Colin Chambers. This is yet another milestone in cooperation of IPSO with ‘Pride of Pomerania’.

‘I’m here to make you take off your coaches heads and put on scouting ones,’ Chambers said to the coaches during the meeting. ‘In football, it’s not always about picking the obvious player that everyone can see that stands out, anyone and even the most uneducated football fan can see who is the fastest, strongest or most skilled, but the trained scout is looking for one that with a little more coaching or adding extra dimensions to his game is the player of interest for him not just the player who scores a hat-trick or dribbles past 3-4 players it’s the player that would fit into the club he works for. Most knowledgeable football people can identify the most talented in any given game. The choice of footballer is in the details of certain things the player does that doesn’t necessary stand out,’ he added.

The training was aimed at presenting effective scouting procedures and how to change coaches employed by a club to first and second degree scout. During the training they were shown ways of construction and operation of scouting department for both the first team and the academy. The course was attended by all coaches and scouts Szczecin club, among others, sports director Maciej Stolarczyk, Czesław Michniewicz, Piotr Łęczyński, Sławomir Rafałowicz and Miłosz Stępiński.

‘Our meeting was a result of cooperation established between Pogoń and IPSO. It is not the only edition of the course, which will be conducted at the club, where we help to create the structures of a professional scouting department. Participants of the course were able to learn how this looks in the English Premier League teams, how to build relationships between clubs and players, and how long you have to watch football player to be able to objectively judge him,’ Kamil Potrykus, managing director of IPSO said.