IPSO the World’s leading provider of scouting and analysis courses have decided to bring out a unique TID course due to public demand.

We have been in the process of a creating a Talent Identification course in how to scout, analyse and assess players between the ages of 6-16.

We’ve been asked numerous times from students who have attended our Level 1 and Level 2 courses around the world if we would bring out a Talent ID course. After a bombardment of emails and requests from people world-wide and especially in England to deliver a Talent ID course we have succumbed to their wishes as some scholars of scouting are not totally convinced with other courses out there in the lack of quality knowledge they desire in their pursuit for detail. They want more not just the basics when looking at young players.

A hard request you may think and one we at IPSO have had to think about seriously to help people achieve their goal in assessing young players.

Everyone knows our courses are designed to look at players from the age of 16 up regarded as 1stteam potential it’s ‘‘scouting and analysing’’ that’s what we teach. We show how a first team scout works at the highest level and explain the way we go about things on a day to day basis looking at minimising mistakes and giving tips and best practise when you step into 1stteam scouting, from small details that you may think doesn’t really make a difference, but actually it makes a massive difference when assessing a player from attitude to intelligence to ability. On our course we go into detail, in positioning, game knowledge, desire, attitude, skill levels, statistics, tactics and team shapes with some of the later you may think are not as important as others, but your wrong they are all important but it’s how a scout addresses the situation with their skills, knowledge, experience and common sense when zooming in on a player and reporting back to his chief scout or head of recruitment. It’s the ‘‘attention to detail’’ that’s the difference between a good scout and one who just does the basics.

As all the staff of IPSO are experienced premier league scouts and all having worked at the highest level for many years, in the main monitoring players for first teams, this was a difficult task. So after 18 months of research talking to academy heads of recruitment, SPECIALIST SCOUTS who have only ever concentrated on the age groups of 6-16 we have got our information. We haven’t just talked to lads just starting off we’ve gone straight to the experienced scouts who have been doing this type of scouting for years ‘’specialists’’ in this age group. We’ve also talked and got the thoughts of new young eager scouts and looked at the difficulties and pit falls when starting off in their careers as a scout. Put this together and we have designed a course that will really help when looking at players from the 6-16 age group.

It’s called Talent ID by IPSO.

Look at ipsofootball.com for the dates of this brand new course.

The first one is in Portugal in Porto at Pedras Rubras FC on the 23rd24thMarch 2019

Second one is at Curzon Ashton FC in May/June date to be confirmed 2019

See courses advertised for further details.