Kirklees College are pleased to announce that the first scouting course in England has now been delivered by IPSO (International Professional Scouting Organisation). A total of 20 candidates completed the course over four nights of football.

Amongst the candidates were Heads of Recruitment for Hull City FC, Huddersfield Town FC, York City FC, Bradford Park Avenue as well as scouts from Barnsley Football Club in attendance. Also as a special treat we had a celebrity guest in Kevin Gallacher the former Blackburn, Newcastle & Scotland International.

The course was extremely well received by all, the delivery and course content was commended by the candidates, with experienced scouts highlighting the quality of the programme and new ideas that came from attending the course. Candidates also highlighted the unique experience of taking in a live game (Huddersfield Town vs MK Dons) to complete a player assessment, this gave a real working practice aspect to the course and opportunity for experienced and new scouts to put their skills to the test.

– I was very pleased with the way the course went with Kirklees College being excellent hosts with great facilities. The course ran extremely smoothly, with a really good atmosphere, candidates got to develop scouting skills and really ceased the opportunity to network but make links with each other for future development or opportunities – director of IPSO Colin Chambers commented. – This is the first time this course has been delivered in the UK, to receive such outstanding feedback at the end of the course was very encouraging making it all worthwhile knowing the candidates have enjoyed the course and taken important new skills away from it. We have also got such positive praise and feedback from the professional scouts who completed the course – said Chambers.

The IPSO Scouting course is aimed at anyone or everyone who wants to enhance their knowledge in football. The IPSO course delivers the knowledge and information from an experienced professional football scouts point of view drawing on a vast wealth of experience and knowledge that many people don’t really know too much about.

The course is more than just learning about scouting. We had experienced „A” licence coaches coming. The best example for me being Kevin Gallacher. As an ex-Premier league winner, International footballer and football pundit he loves the course and has now been on it 3 times now explaining that he has learnt something new on every course. He also spoke to the candidates on the course of how much it’s helped him in his media work when he works for the radio and TV as he can now see things from an analysis’s point of view as well as a scout or coach – said Chambers.

We at IPSO don’t want people to just think this course is only about becoming a football scout as it’s not. The information and knowledge we provide can be used in many different ways. – I can see grass-roots coaches, PE school teachers, college (sport) teachers, people who work for the papers in (sport) match reporting, media TV & radio presenters, journalist, and many more different occupations that could benefit from the course. Even in different sports you could pick up information that would improve your analysis skills – Chambers commented.

One of the most pleasing aspects of the course was seeing experienced scouts rubbing shoulders with people who want to learn. Some of the candidates were given the chance by the heads of some of the professional clubs and offered trial periods of scouting for them to see where it leads to.
– At the end of the course I saw the people participating in it getting a chance to work at professional clubs all be it on a trial basis is unbelievable and beyond our expectations – said Christian Thersby, Head of Sport at Kirklees. – We will be running more courses like this also the next one will be in April the dates are 23th, 24th,  then in the spring we are looking to run Level 2 – he continued.

It’s been really beneficial to me as I have 10 scouts and this course has opened my eyes as to what I can get them to do on a regular basis. It’s all about building blocks and structures. It’s given me food for thought on how I want to plan going forward.
Martin Dunn

Head of Recruitment at Hull City

Let me know the details of the next Level 1 course once you have finalised it and will strongly recommend that some of the Barnsley staff should try and get on it.
Paul Ward

Barnsley Scout

It was a good blend of theory, practical, videos and discussion. So the course has been enriching. From a professional perspective and from a coaching perspective it enhanced my coaching abilities and no matter how long you’ve been coaching, playing or how long you’ve been scouting for, from the novice to the expert, there is always something you can pick up.
Nigel Thewlis