Wroclaw Stadium, one of the arenas for Euro 2012, hosted the fifth edition of the professional scouting course organized by IPSO. As usual, participants gained a huge dose of knowledge through lectures conducted by Colin Chambers. There were also special guests.

‘Our brand wants to organize courses in prestigious and typically associated with football places. Therefore, the choice fell on Wroclaw Stadium,’ said Kamil Potrykus, managing director of IPSO. ‘We agreed on quickly with facility managers and our co-operation from start to finish was exemplary,’ he added.

IPSO endorses football names known to fans in Poland and around the world. Special guests during the Wroclaw edition of the course were people associated primarily with the Irish football.

Participants were able to meet, among others, Steve Staunton, the legend of the national team of the Green Island. He played for them 102 times, participating, among others, in the World Cup finals in 1990, 1994 and 2002. He played for among others Aston Villa and in Liverpool up to seven years of, with whom he won the championship and the FA Cup. After he finished his career as a player he became a coach, and in 2006/07 he became the coach of the national team of his country.
‘I have a lot of experience when it comes to football, even in Scouting, as I worked some time as a scout for Sunderland.
Please believe me that even my participation in the IPSO course was an opportunity to learn and experience new things. In football, the most important are the details, they often decide about the outcome. The tiny one percent of knowledge can make a huge difference on the field. That’s why scouts are in professional football as important as coaches or players,’ Staunton added.

Wroclaw was also visited by Jeff Kenna, another former player for the Ireland national team, who we already seen in Poland during the June course in Warsaw. ‘I came to your country with great pleasure, and again I can only confirm that the programme of the scouting course prepared by IPSO, maintains high level, and I’m going back richer for another experience, absorbing many new things,’ Kenna admitted.

‘I learned how to do a competitor analysis in a professional manner, but not only. With this course, man will learn a lot,’ Sokołowski said.

‘The vastness of knowledge, we were given during these several hours of lectures proved to me that things I as a professional footballer is not everything. I’m going to delve further into the topic of professional scouting and IPSO course broadened my horizons,’ Konieczny said.

‘Words coming from people associated directly with football, like Steve Staunton and players from the Polish Ekstraklasa are the best recommendation of our work. However, we do not intend to stop there. IPSO will continue to develop and increasingly enter the football market,’ Kamil Potrykus summed up the Wrocław edition of the course.