The CEE Cup is an international football tournament which is run in the Czech Republic (Prague) where junior teams (under 19) mainly from central and Eastern Europe (CEE) participate.

The CEE Cup is traditionally held in Prague under the umbrella of the Football Association of the Czech RepublicFIFA and the City of Prague.

The tournament focuses on respect for others, fair play and competition.

The CEE Cup provides pre-season games for clubs in the region.

In this summer’s tournament there will be some very big clubs involved from around the world with Palmeiras (Brazil). Besiktas (Turkey), Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Burnley (England), Spes Academy (Senigal), Slavia Praha (Czech Republic), Sparta Praha (Czech Republic) all taking part.

Like we said some very big clubs.

Well IPSO will be delivering a course in the middle of the tournament.

A great opportunity to meet new contacts, gain a qualification and see players who may interest you or your club.

We will be delivering our Level 1 scouting & analysis course, where you learn how a first team scout works when working for clubs in the premier league and other leagues around the world. The course will teach you all the skills of a first team scout and have the added bonus of showing the basics of match reporting through the eyes of an opposition analyst.

By participating in the course with the tournament it’s a perfect opportunity for scouts looking to gain further or new knowledge, coaches looking to see what scouting at that level is all about and as for agents they get to learn how clubs asses players that they want to bring to their clubs so they know exactly what a club would be looking for and what it takes to truly asses a player professionally. The course is for everyone and is useful in many different ways.

The tournament will start on the 24th July, the course will be delivered on the Thursday 25th July & Sunday the 28th July.

On these days there is a brake in the tournament with no games being played.

To register go to act quickly as there are limited places.