IPSO are delighted to announce their partnership with InStat Sport is growing stronger as the worldwide leader in football data statistics InStat. We look to develop our collaboration.
‘‘We have had a good relationship over the last 12 months’’ said IPSO managing director Kamil Potrykus he continued “We are incredibly privileged that IPSO Football one of the world`s leading provider of scouting and football analysis courses have once again partnered the world leaders of football data and statistics. We always want to cooperate with the best organizations in football and in InStat we believe we have the most precise data”.
IPSO course participants will learn how to use statistics to their advantage and how to watch video analysis at the highest level. Our motto is “attention to detail” and thanks to InStat our IPSO scouts will see everything in the most detailed way not only from the view of a professional scout in the stand but also from the professional way statistical data should be viewed and analyzed.
InStat Football is an industry leader in providing all-in-one football analytic tools to more than 800 clubs around the world. For IPSO the most interesting tool is InStat Scout, which coaches and scouts can use to watch footage of thousands of players and teams from around the world, as well as view of a detailed analytical dashboard for each player or team.