As the leading provider of match reporting/team assessments in football courses worldwide, we deliver the best and most detailed courses across the UK, Europe, America, Africa, and China.

With experienced professional (scouts/tutors who are ‘’opposition analysts: chosen specialists in the art of match reporting’’) you obtain the best knowledge and experiences in our passionately delivered unique course. The tutors are elite and inspirational senior football scouts from the English premier league and International football.

COURSE INFO: The Level 2 scouting and analysis course in match reporting is endorsed by the IFBI Brussels. The course has been taken by many current and ex-professional footballers including managers, coaches and analysts to further their knowledge in scouting & analysis when looking into opposition analysis.

PRICE: This is from £395 and can be paid in installments but has to be paid in full 1 week before the course begins. Our prices could vary slightly from country to country as to meet the economic standard of living at that moment in time in the country we visit. Please note this when booking.

Course Length: 20 HOURS 2 or 3 Days (dependent on the game time and date).

Course Duration: 16-20 hours approximately
Venue: Will be shown when you click on the chosen course.
Number of attendants: minimum 10, maximum 40.
Minimum Age: 16 years

WHAT YOU RECEIVE ON THE COURSE (included in the price)

You will receive FREE: Food and drink being tea, coffee, water, biscuits and a dinner which includes a buffet meal on both days. Pens, note-pads, memory stick with helpful information and a ticket for the live game plus transport. You will receive 4 weeks of InStat software after the course which is a fantastic addition for your development. Please note accommodation is not provided but there are a number of reasonable hotels close by.A certificate will be emailed to you by PDF after passing the course.

Timings: The course will vary in start and finish times due to the live game we take in as part of the course. Please check the times on the course you have booked.

Upcoming Dates:To be announced.

Venue:Will be shown when you click on the chosen course.Various venues around the world including top facilities like the National football Museum Manchester, Stadium of Light Sunderland FC and many other famous football stadiums world-wide.

This course includes a ‘‘ Live Game’’ which is essential for the students experience as this is where you will participate in an exam as part of the course. This is vitally important to test the skills you’ve learnt to be given the qualification from IPSO to say you can create a professional report to the standard that professional clubs around the world would expect.

Day 1: Match preparation. What to look for within a team with attention to detail. Discuss different types of match report analysis, tactics and formations, Identifying players and units. Analysing trends and traits. How a team attacks and defends, how to beat or nullify the opposition, how to use and create programs for recording set-plays.

Day 2: Identifying strengths & weaknesses of a team with attention to detail, how to create a match report, how to put it together in the correct manner. The wording and correct jargon needed for a professional report. Go to the live game and scout. This includes examples, video clips, professional reports, pictures and above all the experiences of the tutor. (Premier League Professional Scout & Analyst)

The Level 2 course will provide you with the knowledge of:

Advanced analysis of 11 players at the same time.
Advanced analysis units.
Advanced analysis how a team attacks and defends.
Advanced analysis of set-plays.
Advanced working out of strengths & weaknesses within the team.
Advanced knowledge of a detailed match report
Analysis of different types of match reports.
Advanced understand of tactics and formations the opposition may use and how to combat them
Complete set plays by computer graphics
Understand computer software for writing reports


This will be assessed by the IPSO team and an e-mail will be sent to you on whether you have passed or not on this occasion. If you do not pass the course you can take the exam again at any time even from distance. We would send you a game form video (wide angled lens) where you could do a report on a team again and a member of the IPSO team will do so at the same time with the same team selected. You will then send in your report by e-mail and if it is acceptable you will pass. If not you just do the process again until you are successful and you are allowed to take it as many times as you like.


Football Clubs and players who have played at the highest level in professional football have attended the courses including International managers and representatives from:

National teams: England, Poland, Rep Ireland, Estonia, Scotland and many more

Club teams: Liverpool, Dynamo Moscow, Manchester United, Porto, Manchester City, Panathinaikos, Bayer Leverkusen, QPR, Legia Warsaw, Everton, Lech Poznan, Brondby, West Ham, Entrechat Frankfurt, Rangers, Blackburn Rovers, Sunderland, Southampton, Newcastle, Burnley, Bolton Wanderers, Coventry.

Attendants have journeyed from all over the World to join the courses which include: Nigeria, Columbia, Estonia, Poland, England, America, Russia, Finland, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Cyprus, Scotland, Ireland, France, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Lithuania and many more.


The IPSO scouting & analysis Level 2 is perfect for scouts, coaches or managers who wish to further their knowledge with those looking to enter a career in any capacity of football. It’s also aimed at any people working within football like directors of the club, sports directors, coaches, managers, players, analysts, back-room staff (physio’s, sports science, nutritionists etc), university and college graduates, sports teachers, TV, radio & media, journalists and the average fan who wants to be more knowledgeable about football or get involved in it or anyone is interested in the mechanics of analysis & scouting. It is also very useful for anyone in other sports like rugby, hockey, cricket or basketball as the analysis, reporting and wording can be transferred into their chosen sport or hobby.


You will meet new contacts and possibly some professionals, who every day prepare reports and analyse in many European Football Clubs. There may well be current and ex-players who have played at the highest level in professional football. We have had many people attending the courses worldwide including representatives from:
National teams: England, Poland, Rep Ireland, Estonia, Scotland, Slovakia and many more.
Club teams: Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, Everton, West Ham, Rangers, Blackburn Rovers, Sunderland, Southampton, Newcastle, Burnley, Bolton Wanderers, QPR, Coventry. FC Porto, Panathinaikos, Bayer Leverkusen, Entrechat Frankfurt, Dynamo Moscow, FK Crvena Zvezda, FC Astana, Legia Warsaw, Lech Poznan, Lechia Gdansk, Jagiellonia Bialystok, Cracovia Krakow, Arka Gdynia.