As the leading provider of scouting & analysis football courses worldwide we deliver the best and most detailed courses across the UK, Europe, America, Africa, and China.

With experienced professional (scouts only tutors) you obtain the best knowledge and experiences in our passionately delivered unique course. The tutors are elite and inspirational senior football scouts from the English premier league and International football.

LEVEL1 – Scouting and Analysis Course (Learning how a professional scout works at the highest level as a 1st team scout)


About THE COURSE:  On this course you will be taught the skills of 1st team scouting at a professional football club. You will be shown how a 1st team scout works and goes about his job on a day to day basis. You will learn the difference between TID scouting and scouting for the 1st team (which is a completely different job). You will be shown the skills to assess million pound players to the attention to detail that is needed at this level of work. Delving into the little things that are big things when working as a scout for the first team. Attention to detail is key and we will will teach you all the skills needed to add to your scouting skill set at this level. With the added bonus of learning the basics of match reporting.


PRICE: Is from £350 and can be paid in instalments but has to be paid in full 1 week before the course begins. Our prices could vary slightly from country to country as to meet the economic standard of living at that moment in time in the country we visit. Please note this when booking.


Course Length: 2 Days (Saturday & Sunday) Other days can be arranged.
Course Duration: 16 hours approximately, occasionally 20 hours depending on the live game.
Venue: Will be shown when you click on the chosen course.
Number of attendants: minimum 10, maximum 40.
Minimum Age: 16 years

Timings: The course will vary in start and finish times due to the live game we take in as part of the course. Please check the times on the course you have booked.

Normal timing are start at 9 o’clock both days and finish at 4-30.

All IPSO courses are delivered by qualified and experienced SCOUTS & ANALYSTS from the English Premier League.


  • Theory – Planning – Preparation

Day 1:

  • Match preparation, the role of a scout
  • The difference scouting at this level.
  • Identifying players.
  • Internal scouting.
  • Selection process.
  • Statistical scouting.
  • How to gain contacts
  • Process of assessment.
  • How to see small detail’s that make a difference?
  • Match Preparation
  • What to look for in a player?
  • Live player analysis (live game varies in time of match)
  • This includes examples, video clips, professional reports, pictures and above all the experiences of the tutor who will be a (Premier League Professional Scout or Analyst)

Day 2:

  • What do scouts do?
  • Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses of a Player.
  • Individual player reporting
  • Writing reports, creating a report.
  • Different scouting programmes and systems for football
  • Player profiling
  • Tactics & Team Formations,
  • The basics of match reporting.
  • This includes examples, video clips, professional reports, pictures and above all the experiences of the tutor who will be a (Premier League Professional Scout or Analyst)

There are no perquisites for this course.


You will meet new contacts in many areas and possibly professionals, who every day prepare reports and analyse at a high level. We have had many people attending the courses worldwide including representatives from:  Poland, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, America, China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Nigeria, Columbia, Mexico, England, Scotland, Ireland, and many more.


The course is aimed at anyone wanting to be a scout at a professional club. Young analysts learning the game, or coaches wanting to improve their scouting thought process. This course has been proved to actually help the coach improve his coaching methods. It is also useful for people working within football like directors of the club, sports directors, coaches, managers, players, analysts, back-room staff (physio’s, sports science, nutritionists etc), university and college graduates, sports teachers, TV, radio & media, journalists and the average fan who wants to be more knowledgeable about football or get involved in it. The course will delve into key areas vitally important to football scouting at the highest level.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE ON THE COURSE (included in the price)

You will receive FREE: Food and drink being tea, coffee, water, biscuits and a dinner which includes a buffet meal on both days. Pens, note-pads, folders and a ticket for the live game. You will receive 4 weeks of InStat software after the course which is a fantastic addition for your development. You will also receive 2 weeks free use of Noisefeed one of the latest products used for monitoring players and teams on social media Please note accommodation is not provided but there are a number of reasonable hotels close by. A certificate will be emailed to you by PDF after passing the course.


This will be assessed by the IPSO team and an e-mail will be sent to you on whether you have passed or not on this occasion. If you do not pass the course you can take the exam again at any time even from distance. We would send you a game form video where you could do a report of a player and a member of the IPSO team will do so at the same time with the same player selected. You will then send in your report by e-mail and if it is acceptable you will pass. If not you just do the process again until you are successful and you are allowed to take it as many times as you like.


You will receive an IPSO certificate in (PDF form by email) endorsed by IFBI Brussels awards and an individual membership number which will be given to students who have successfully passed the exam. Members will be informed about the latest worldwide jobs available in football. With full recommendation and support of IPSO you will have the ability to apply for a job and internships as a scout at a professional club, associations and academies at all levels.