Brian Owen is a very experienced scout and has been the southern scout for Hibernian FC he’s also worked for Bristol City, Cardiff City and Fleetwood Town.

As a 70+year old scout regarded as one of the old brigade, I was constantly being told that scouts were being replaced by analysts. The need for scouts was on the wane due to the influx of young bright analysts and more and more reliance of new age managers to rely on modern technology. Not wishing to be a dinosaur I wanted to see if the above was true and elected to attend the course at Millwall FC. In attendance were current professional players, analyst, match reporters, academy managers, scouts and young lads from all over the UK and all four corners of the globe. The course was well structured and presented in a professional manner, easily understood by all attendee’s, even those students whose command of English was limited. From a personal point of view I was able to learn a few things and thoroughly enjoyed the course.

I would endorse the course for young students as it will give you a good insight and understanding into the world of professional scouting.

Many thanks for allowing me the opportunity to take part in weekend course which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had spoken to a number of the students and emphasised the need and importance of the follow up the course with the Level 2.

Well done IPSO and keep up the good work.

Brian Owen professional football scout.