During the first IPSO scouting course we hosted a unique figure in the history of Scottish football, Colin Hendry. Kevin Gallacher will honour us with his presence during the next edition of the IPSO course which will take place 9-10th May, 2015. His name is familiar to all fans of 90s British football. He has been a great winger, took part in the World Cup in France and in two European championships. Also, he won the Premier League in England with Blackburn and is a member of the Scottish Football Hall of Fame

Premier League fans remember him as a great winger. While in the colours of Coventry, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United he created havoc on both the wing and in the attack. Considered a potential successor to Alan Shearer, he might even have got to his level if not for some serious injuries he picked up at the height of his career. He gained 53 caps for Scotland.

Also, he has been appreciated for his knowledge of football. When his career ended, Gallacher worked as a TV expert on BBC Radio 5 Live, Sky Sports and BBC Scotland among others. Gallacher said: “When I came to English football, I never wanted to leave. Premier League was at that time like a carnival and those memories will stay in my memory for life.” He will share his further  knowledge and thoughts in Sopot with participants of the training.