I went on the Course in March and as a professional football scout myself I was interested if I could learn anything new, if I could make new contacts, how the course was put together and how it was delivered. To be honest it ticked all the boxes. Most of the material used and explained I knew as I’m in the game, but the way it was delivered and presented was excellent. Very high market and professional. There is a lot to take in and the information was spot on. This is a perfect course for new or experienced scouts. For new people wanting to learn to be a scout or how it works I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s all broken down in stages and easy to follow. Not only is it informative it’s an excellent weekend were its totally football and net-working in a great hotel.

Day 1. It started at 9 o’clock on Saturday and 1st we were shown how to look at a player over the course of the day with videos, reports diagrams, photo’s etc, (basically to show you best tips and procedures that work) then we went to a live game to assess one player. After that we had a meal at the stadium with the president of the football club we visited, were we relaxed and net-worked. We all sat together and finished off a very enjoyable day. There were 40 people on the course and we were looked after superbly from start to finish. Coach transport included as well as the meal and drinks.

Day 2 we had to write a report on the player we saw from the skills and tips from the lecturers. After that we were shown how to do a match report with the same process in video clips, photo’s, report examples etc. Then at the end of the day we had a questions and answers panel where we asked any questions on anything (mainly scouting) to a panel consisting of professional managers, pro-players, pro-scouts which was very interesting all revolving around scouting.

All in all a very impressive course that I would advise to any up and coming scout or experienced scouts who need to know how to do match reports and gain contacts abroad. It was good for the net-working side as I have many new friends (contacts) who work for clubs in Poland around Europe and in England which I think is an added bonus especially for the line of work I’m in. I think this would be beneficial for coaches, academy scouts, managers, college students, agents, media people and many more students of the game. I would also like to say what a great hotel and town (Sopot) was for visiting and I could imagine it being very busy in the summer with the beach only 20 yds away. Well done IPSO a very impressive course, lecturers and environment. Highly recommended.