About us

IPSO is an international scouting network designed by experienced and professional scouts and managers, who normally work in Premier League Clubs. Knowledge and experience of our team combined with a global network of contacts puts IPSO in an excellent position to represent the professional interests of Scouts in the international level. Many years of work and experience in the observation and analysis of the players and teams led us to conduct advanced research on player evaluation with the identification of the players attributes at that moment in time. Also the attention to detail need when players move forward with their skill sets or decline throughout their season or career. To give a detailed clear indication of the players worth at the present time. The same goes with creating a team assessment when analysing the opposition.

Our aim is to provide appropriate systems and procedures for effective analysis and scouting at a professional level. We introduce innovative training for current and future Scouts. Following the constantly changing trends, technology development and improvement of training methods in football, we developed our own scouting program. We improve and optimise the professional techniques and selection of appropriate criteria so during an appropriate recruitment we obtain a crystal view of the real skills of a player.