I attended the first ever International Professional Scouting Organisation (IPSO) course ran in China hosted in Beijing in May 2017, which was delivered by Colin Chambers and Martin Dobson. IPSO Level 1 is a fantastic course for football professionals who want to learn the foundation of top level scouting. it was a thoroughly well organised and enjoyable event, with lots of learning. As well as receiving reference materials of scouting reports used by English Premier League clubs, by the end of the course we were taken to a live Chinese Super League game alongside with the tutors to apply what we had learnt. It was a brilliant weekend, meeting like-minded fellows.

“IPSO tutors are excellent role models of a professional football scout. They are knowledgeable, approachable and open-minded. The course was a fantastic experience for me, giving me an insight of how top level scouts work. The key to successes in the game is continuous critical thinking, and the IPSO team applied a wide range of teaching styles to engage the course students in self-reflection. By the end of the course, I had the opportunity of sitting with them at a live game, observing
their practice.

I look forward to following the latest sharing from IPSO and the developments of IPSO as their courses grow world-wide.

Ling fung Wong, Sport Director at BIT FC